Die Casting

Tower Industry Co.,Ltd provides global contract manufacturing for aluminum die casting parts for many industries, including automotive, heavy truck & off-road vehicle, medical, etc.


1.Mould Workshop
We make die casting toolings for our own workshop and other factories and have capacity of making 60 sets of moulds per month. Because we made thousands of die casting moulds, we have enough experience to produce any kinds of die casting parts.

2. Strong Design of Engineering Department
e have a strong design team, which can help customer design die casting parts with right structure and spend low cost. Our engineers use UG, Solidworks, Pro/E to work.
A synergic planning, from one drawing to a series of production, from casting process to mechanical machining, is the base of a successful product. Every process is controlled by skilled technicians in strict collaboration with customers, who use 3D software (PRO-ENGINEER, SOLIDWORKS, UG). The software Flow-3D simulates the filling and cooling of the ingate to judge the potential porosity or cold spots. The goal is to make high-quality tooling and products from the dimensional structural and economic point of view.